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"All of life is art. Each moment created, felt, vaporized. I revel in living every moment blissfully and gratefully engaged."                

                             Carolina Mortara BFA, BSN, LMT


Carolina Mortara received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. She went on to study painting, color and design in the art capital of the world, Florence, Italy. There she studied under Leo Fortman at the American Institute for Foreign Study. 

Carolina is a painter of landscapes and dreamscapes .

"My landscapes are visual chronicles of my travels. I have combined my passion for travel, nature, and sports within my paintings. I have searched worldwide for the last places on earth that hold nature in all its pristine glory. While painting, I enter a transcendental state in which time stands still and I am traveling and exploring each canyon, mountain, rock and tree. I come out of this state hours later with a tremendous feeling of peace, gratitude and reverence. "


"My dreamscapes are total abandonment to color, form, line, without definition, censure or rationality. I pour out emotion, juxtapose unusual elements, and revel in color vibrating against color. The unconstrained, freedom I feel in creating my dreamscapes balances my careful, considered, exacting plein air landscapes."

Carolina endeavors for the viewer of her landscapes to be inspired to travel to these unique places and to help preserve their purity for future generations. 

Dreamscapes inspire others to be creative and explore their own rich inner worlds through freedom of expression. She hopes that each individual experiences a compelling and unique relationship to these dreamscapes allowing their history and individual perception to personalize the abstract. 

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